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     Attractive and Easy to See


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     Easy to Update

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We’re Taking Hallway Signs in a New Direction

Take the opportunity to truly welcome and embrace students, staff and the community into your school, church or business  with RoomTagz™.  These double sided hallway signs create instant visual communication to help guests navigate through out hallways with ease and confidence.  Let RoomTagz™ increase your building's friendliness and productivity with a “touch of class” today!


RoomTagz™ benefits many people on a daily basis


                                                                                •  Students

                                                                                •  Staff

                                                                                •  Parents

                                                                                •  Grandparents

                                                                                •  Volunteers

                                                                                •  Special Guests

                                                                                •  Substitutes

                                                                                •  New Students & Families

                                                                                •  The Visiting community


365 days a year, YEAR AFTER YEAR!



A place of establishment with a clear, organized and effective signage  has many long-lasting benefits that far outweigh the initial investment including: an opportunity to project a positive image that make people feel welcomed, provide instant communication and direction to guests, and increased efficiency for all guests and employees, including First Team Responders in emergency situations. Although, you don't our word for it:


Benefits of Effective Signage




"Collection of Research, Insights, Things to Consider"


With References Included

       #1: “That initial impression can determine whether a parent feels comfortable enough to return or decides to avoid the school whenever possible. Those newcomers can be a terrific source of volunteers, but first impressions are key. Make your foyer as warm and welcoming as possible by painting a mural, hanging a sign, or brightening the area with plants. By focusing on creating a welcoming atmosphere, you can make sure your school is one where new families feel comfortable and want to participate.

Don’t assume that your school is welcoming just because you are a close-knit community.”


       #2: Graphic signage produced the greatest rate of travel in all settings, but textual signage was the most effective in reducing wayfinding errors, such as wrong turns and backtracking.  Overall, the addition of signage resulted in a:


                                •  13% increase in rate of travel

                                •  50% decrease in wrong turns

                                •  62% decrease in backtracking across the five settings


       #3: “Ineffective wayfinding systems are very problematic for buildings because of the costs they can incur and the time that users devote to searching for a desired location. In an environment where bad wayfinding systems occur, people rely on the staff of the building to direct them to their destination. Further, users may also become so frustrated with the environment that they will not return. If a building has good wayfinding features, the user should have a positive experience when reaching their destination.”


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