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About RoomTagz™

The  RoomTagz™ product line is the creation of the 1998 Walmart Teacher of the Year, five time

nominee and Golden Apple Finalist AnnDee Nimmer.  The mission of the company is to support

students, families, schools, and communities for the betterment of all by working diligently every

day to create solutions that improve schools and community environments.


As an educator for over two decades, AnnDee’s knowledge and experience have inspired her to

provide students, staff, parents, and community members the tools to create a more welcoming, safe,

and secure school atmosphere.


In 1997, AnnDee recognized her school needed a better way to "label" the rooms in the building,

since it wasn't uncommon for her lessons to be interrupted by visitors or students trying to find their

destination. She wanted school guests to feel more comfortable and empowered, so that's when she created her first set of double-sided signs to hang outside of every room.

The signs really brightened up the hallways, but more importantly became extremely useful to all school guests by giving them an easily visible and uniform place to look for information, as well as provide a better visitor experience.


Due to the popularity of her signs, other schools from around the area sought AnnDee's help to get them for their school. That's when the idea behind the RoomTagz™ product line became a reality and AnnDee turned from an educator to entrepreneur helping schools find their sense of direction!



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