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RoomTagz™ Testimonials:


Mrs. Nimmer and I worked together many years ago in a school that was built in the 1930's with some more wings added through the 1960's.  The school was well maintained and had many hall displays, but the physical environment was greatly enhanced when Mrs. Nimmer developed very creative signs to clearly designate each classroom and learning area.

-Wes Morgan,M.S., C.A.S., Rockford College Associate Professor, Elementary Education



I first met AnnDee when my kids attended the school where she worked.  I loved the welcoming feeling of the school as you walked in.   Outside of each classroom was a great sign with a name on it.   Besides looking great, they helped people navigate around the building.  I then talked with AnnDee about

getting signs for the school where I work.  She was a great help!


-Andrea Carter, 1st Grade Teacher, Ralston Elementary School



"The whole atmosphere changes when you have these signs up. It really does make a HUGE difference"

Julie Wilkins, 2nd Grade Teacher, Pecatonica Elementary School


 “When I first began teaching at my new school, I walked the halls and felt something was missing. The school had been added onto so many times and was extremely hard to navigate around. Since adding RoomTagz™ to our school, not only have parents, visitors and substitute teachers commented on how easy it is to find their way around, but students, teachers, and anyone entering our building have said how warm and inviting our school feels. RoomTagz™ have made our school more accessible, friendly, and safe.  All schools need RoomTagz™!”

Laura Wanke, 2nd Grade Teacher, Pecatonica Elementary School


"Everytime I walk in the hallways, I notice the colorful signs. I really think they make a school look nicer and it is easy to see whose room you need to find so much easier than a school without RoomTagz™".

- Julie VanLanen, substitute teacher at Rockton Schools




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